Let’s Inspire Each Other

I’ve finally decided what I’m going to do with this blog. And I’m moving forward. Starting  later today, I will be creating stories of the amazing things God has done in my life – and I would love it if you would comment with stories of your own, especially stories that relate to what I write.

My vision for this blog remains the same – to be a source of inspiration that deepens our love and appreciation for God and all His amazing ways. I would only add the word interactive to that vision. The more interaction we have, the more powerful this blog will become. So hit that like button! Follow me! Comment with your thoughts and stories! Share my posts! And come back frequently! Without pexels-photo-317154.jpegyou, this blog is just a bunch of purposeless words, and a bit one sided. God is so much bigger and is doing so much more than what He’s doing with me! Inspire me with the amazing things God is doing with you!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Inspire Each Other

  1. LOVE all you said here…….don’t ever give up writing for GOD! Those of us who, do need to encourage one another as much as we can. There is so much negative out there and the enemy is doing his thing with blogs, internet and social media. So keep on writing – enjoying your posts. Stay steadfast in the LORD!

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  2. When I was a young woman I had just bought a brand new Honda Civic Hatchback, and I’d only had it for a very short time. One night after I had gone to sleep a very loud, very male voice said to me, “You know you don’t have any brake lights don’t you?” I remember saying, “Yes,” but don’t know why.

    The following night after falling off to sleep the same loud, male voice asked me the same question, and I gave the same answer.

    The voice returned with the same question every single night without fail, but I still didn’t give it much thought until about the 4th or 5th night in a row.

    After the 5th or 6th night I was out for the evening with my roommate, and on the freeway on the way home I was telling her about it. We both agreed that it was very odd and kinda spooky. I asked her to do me a favor and go to the back of the car when I parked in the carport to check and see if I had any brake lights. I HAD NO BRAKE LIGHTS!!!

    When I went to sleep that night, the voice was gone. I had finally heeded the warning, and His job was done.

    I haven’t heard His voice since then (that was many years ago), but I do heed suggestions such as turn left here instead of up ahead, or don’t pull out onto the street yet. He does speak to us silently by the power of suggestion, and it’s always best to act on it.


    1. Wow! When God says He’ll take care of us, He means itt! I love how He uses different ways to reach us – whatever works best for each person and circumstance. What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it!


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