Amusement Park: Haunted House, Fourth Room – Floorless

Amusement Park: Haunted House, Fourth Room – Floorless

Amalia regretted seeing the next door approaching quickly. She had liked this room, with all its fun toys and marvelous possibilities. Yet she was curious about what the next room contained. Maybe more people. Or maybe another quiet time in the dark with Jesus. But when the door opened, she gasped. No way was she prepared for this!

“Stop! Stop!” she screamed.

“What’s wrong?” Jesus asked.

“We… the car…there’s no floor! We have to stop this car!”

“It will be okay. You’re with Me. You’re safe.”

“Noooooo! Stop the car!”


Jesus reached for the emergency brake and stopped the car just as it passed the door frame. He turned to Amalia, and gently said, “Look at Me.”

But Amalia couldn’t take her eyes from what lay before them. Or rather what didn’t lay before them. The track was gone. The floor itself was gone. She could see the door on the other side of the room. But between her and the door, there was… nothing. Peeking over the side of the car, she looked down. Way down. The hole filled the entire room and grew increasingly dark the further down she looked until all she could see was blackness at the bottom. If there was a bottom.

“Amalia, look at Me.”

“Jesus, there’s no bottom! We can’t go this way. We have to go back!” Amalia couldn’t tear her eyes from the horror that seemed to be waiting for her.

“There is no going back. But you are safe. You are with Me.”

“Easy for You to say. You’re God. You can easily jump across this hole. Or fly across. You could even walk on thin air if You wanted to. But I’m just a human girl, and not even a very strong girl. There’s no way I could jump across to the other side. If I move even a few inches, I’m going to fall and die.” Amalia shuddered. “We have to go back. We can get out of this car and walk back if we have to.”

“You’re not going to fall. You’re in this car with Me. It will be okay. Let’s keep going.”

“This car is even heavier than I am. If we go forward, we’re going down. At least I will. I’m not a spirit like You. I can’t just disappear and reappear on the other side.” Amalia’s voice shook as she continued to stare down into the abyss.

“Amalia, didn’t you agree before we started this ride to stay with Me through the whole thing?”

“Yes, but…”

“And didn’t you say you trusted Me to know what’s best for you?”

“Yes, but…”  Amalia’s wide eyes darted around frantically. “But… there’s NO FLOOR!”


His strong commanding voice broke through her fear, and she turned to look at Him. He almost never used that voice with her, and, although she should have felt chastised, she didn’t. She actually felt reassured. He was in charge, not her.

“Good,” Jesus smiled warmly at her, while maintaining eye contact. “Will you trust Me?”

Amalia thought of all the times He had been there for her in the past. How faithful He had been regardless of her weaknesses and failures. And how nothing was impossible for Him. If He wanted her to cross this nothingness, then somehow He would make it happen. And if not… if He wanted her to die in this place.. then she would die. She had given herself to Him years ago so she didn’t belong to herself anymore anyway. He could do whatever He wanted with her. Nodding with her decision, she answered Him with a soft, resigned voice.

“Yes, Jesus. I will trust You. If you want me safely on the other side, then I will trust You to get me there. And if You want me to fall forever into this deep dark hole, then down I will go. Your will be done, not mine.”

Amalia closed her eyes as she felt the car lurch forward, her hand tightly clutching His hand, and prepared to fall.

A moment later a brightness penetrated Amalia’s closed eyes. Confused, she called out, “Jesus?”

“I’m here.”

“What’s happening? Am I dead?”

He laughed. “Well, actually, you are. But not like you’re thinking. Open your eyes.”

She did, and saw they were at the next door. Twisting around, she looked behind her at the floorless room they had just crossed. What? How? She turned back to Jesus. “How did we do that?”

“I told you to trust Me. So many times what you see and fear is so much worse than the reality. Where you saw empty space, I saw a firm path. Where you saw an inevitable drop into oblivion, I saw a marvelous opportunity to manifest My power.” He gave her hand a squeeze. “Thank you for trusting Me. Let’s keep going.”

Fear of Death

When she was younger, she read the words, “… that it would be His last night on earth before returning to His Father.” John 13:1

She thought, “That would be like saying this is my last night here in this town before returning to my old town. Death is just a journey from one place to another.


Then why do many Christians fear leaving this earth, this life, these kinds of bodies? Why do I fear death? I know that when I die, I will be with Jesus in heaven. But every time so far that I thought it was time to go, I was afraid.  It must be because of little faith. I still don’t believe wholeheartedly that God loves me and He won’t condemn me. I know it in my head, but it hasn’t reached my heart yet. So I fear the moment I see Him face to face.”

Years later, touched by the death of several people in her life, she thought about it again. How would she feel when faced with it? Does she have enough faith now to chase away the fear? Nope, it’s still there. But it has changed. She doesn’t fear facing her God anymore. Over the years she had gotten to know Him better – and she now knew she wouldn’t be condemned. In fact, she knew she’d be accepted with open arms. So why the fear? Fear of the unknown. Fear of the method by which she’ll die.

OK, she thought. There’s still work to be done in my heart. She decided to start with the scripture that says perfect love casts out fear. That’s the key. If she could get to this perfect love, there would be no more fear. She knew she couldn’t do it on her own, so she prayed.

“Father in heaven, here’s my fear. I ask that Your perfect love cast it out of my heart. Help my love grow increasingly more perfect as I spend time with You and learn of Your amazing love. For I know in my head that no matter which road I must travel to my death, You will be there with me every step of the way. Work that knowledge down deep into my heart so I will have no fear, and so that when I eventually turn onto this road, I can glorify You all the way home.”

And she was at peace knowing He would do so.