A Request for Help From My Readers

This is off topic – not a short story at all.  It’s actually a request. If I were to enter one of IMG_20180412_055520329my stories in a contest, which one should I choose? Which one would you chose? Which one do you think meets this criteria the best?

The judges will evaluate each one based on the following criteria: style, content, clarity, pacing, inspiration, and originality

  1. Is the submission well-written and readable?
  2. Does the submission engage the reader?
  3. Is the subject matter consistent with the contest’s theme?
  4. Does the author effectively use mood to convey the overall theme?
  5. Is the author’s personal style distinctive?


The theme is just Christian. It says, “Perhaps it is a story of answered prayer, of God coming through for you when you least expected it. Or maybe your story is humorous, illustrating God’s work at play.”

This would be the first writing contest I enter. As a new writer, I need your help to make the best, most objective choice. The deadline is April 16, 2018 and must be under 800 words. So my longer stories are not options.

Thank you so much for helping me!


14 thoughts on “A Request for Help From My Readers

  1. #1. A Rose of Affirmation (if it isn’t too long), #2 Field of flowers #3 A Spiritual Cold.
    I think you do amazing!! I love seeing these pop up in my email. They are very relate-able and totally cute which draws my attention to it! I like anything that has to do with kindness and spreading the Gospel.
    Good luck entering the contest.

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  2. I must say, although I’m an atheist, I thoroughly enjoyed, “That’s my Dad!” It hits the criteria pretty well. Especially how it engages the reader like me. For example, I make a clear distinction between my actual father and his role as my dad. There’s a difference felt from my childhood between him nurturing me as my daddy and my coming-of-age and him becoming my father, another man with whom I stand shoulder to shoulder. We respect each other as peers today. That really struck me despite my lack of belief which goes to show that your writing can span across different beliefs, creeds, ideologies, etc. Stylistically, it’s pretty solid as well. I might make some minor adjustments to the prose style but it’s mostly negligible problems I found at best. That says more about my taste in prose than it does your ability though. My vote is in. Very well done!

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    1. Wow! Your words made my day! I only really started writing stories about 6 months ago so your affirmation of my ability is such a delight to read! I thought writing Christian work would only draw Christian readers. I had no idea that those with different beliefs could enjoy my stories too! Thank you so very much for taking the time to open my eyes to a bigger picture! I’m also happy to hear that you and your father respect each other as peers. That is, sadly, so often not the case. Kudos to you and your father for making it work!


      1. Thank you! You’d be surprised. I grew up in Catholic school so I know the stories you alluded to. The Battle of Jericho is one that really captures the imagination. I’m also a huge fan of Nimrod’s Arrow. If there is a God, he gave you a great gift. Now, just keep it sharp. Six months and work like that is nothing to sniff at. I’ve been writing for 14 years and normally throw away 99 pages of garbage in order to write 1 page of a masterpiece. You’re a natural.

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    1. Thanks. I get what you’re saying. I’d still like to know which story/stories resonate the loudest with readers. Maybe that’s what I should have asked in the first place. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for reminding me that winning a contest is not my goal as a writer. 🙂


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