The Gray Cat and Her Space: An Allegory (or maybe a Parable)

The gray cat loved her space. This space under the living room table. The floor length white tablecloth hid her from everyone, giving her a sense of security. This was her happy place. This was where she was most comfortable.

She spent as much time there as she could. Sometimes she would be enticed to go out – when her owner or when nature called – but as soon as she could, she would scamper back under the table. She didn’t like it outside her space. It was too big and cold and things kept changing out there. Not like this small, warm, dark, consistent place she had made her own.

One day she heard a new sound. Not like the sounds made by the people who lived there. This was a very quiet sound. Almost like a whisper. Like whispery soft footsteps moving about the room. Curious, the gray cat peeked out from under the edge of the tablecloth. She couldn’t believe her eyes – there was another cat in the room! A black and white cat who seemed to see everything as he wandered around.

The gray cat ducked back under the tablecloth. Did he see her? Hopefully not. Maybe he wouldn’t think to look under the tablecloth. Maybe he’ll just continue on through the room and out the other door. Who was he anyway? Did her owner get another cat? Heaven forbid! The last thing she wanted to do was share her space.

The tablecloth moved, then the edge lifted and his soft black eyes looked in. She closed IMG_20180518_205030007her eyes and pretended not to be there. Maybe he won’t see her in the dim light. But he did and came all the way in. How dare he? This was her place, made just the way she wanted it. And here he was threatening to change it! No way could she allow this!

She attacked. There was a wild scuffling for a few minutes. She fought with everything she had until he had had enough and ran off. She watched him go, smirking and satisfied with herself. This was her place, and no one, not even him, was going to change it.


Have you figured out the meaning behind the story?

If you want to try figuring it out by yourself, stop reading here.


Still reading?

Good! Here’s the meaning I had in mind.

the gray cat is us, Christians

the table and tablecloth is our set of beliefs and values that we’ve formed and are comfortable with

the living room is life

the black and white cat is God’s truth

God’s truth will seek us out no matter where we are in life. But we don’t always welcome God’s truth when it arrives. We often chase it away from our comfortable place so we can continue living life the way we want it and so we don’t have to change. We will even fight to keep from changing.


So… what do you think?  I would love to hear what you got from the story. Do you have another interpretation?

Make my day by leaving a comment below. 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Gray Cat and Her Space: An Allegory (or maybe a Parable)

    1. Exactly. God’s truth doesn’t change but our perception, and willingness to accept it, does. Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to share your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. It’s a day later and I keep thinking about this one…that’s when you’ve done good when you keep them thinking! For me (and this isn’t spiritual) but the gray cat was my sis in law. The living room was my in law family to be. The table and cloth was her position in their family and I was the black And white cat…but if you asked her she’s be the black and white and I’d be the gray cat! Lol family dynamics at it’s finest. God has restored that relationship since.

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    1. That’s a great analogy! I hadn’t thought about it applying to relationships and hierarchies. But it’s so true. I’m glad God restored your relationship with your sister in law. I hope there weren’t too many scratches before He did. 🙂

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  2. Anonymous

    I interpreted the story as you intended but I was hoping the black and white cat Was going to leave just enough space to not scare the grey kitty but would stay close and just Watch/wait 😊 love your writing.

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