Dear Little Grasp-er (from Someone Who Loves You series)


Dear Little Grasp-er,

Look at you, hanging on to me with all the strength your little hand has! Like it was the only thing keeping me with you.  Holding on to me warms my heart for it tells me you desire my presence. But know, little one, that should your grasp weaken in your sleep, I’m not going anywhere. Whether you hold on to me or not, I am here, holding on to you. You can relax, secure in the knowledge that I am watching over you and my arms are strong enough to keep you close to me no matter how deeply you sleep.


Someone who loves you

Psalm 3:5  Then I lay down and slept in peace and woke up safely, for the Lord was watching over me.

Do you hear God speaking to you in these letters? If so, it’s no coincidence.  As I write to my new granddaughter, I can hear God speaking to me. And my prayer is that you can also hear Him speaking to you for He loves us even more than I love my granddaughter.

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