She had two choices:  become a nun or become a housewife and mother. There weren’t any other choices for girls growing up in her time and place. Oh, she could become an old maid. But that really wasn’t a choice. That’s what happened to girls who chose not to become a nun and failed to attract a husband. Men were everything. And a woman was nothing without a man. So she spent her teen years doing what she needed without success. By the time she was in her twenties, she was convinced no man wanted her and she was doomed to become the dreaded old maid, to be alone for the rest of her life.  But then she met Jesus! He began showing her that her value was in Him – not in whether she attracted a husband or not.  That was usually enough for her as she prayed and practiced being in His presence. But from time to time her thoughts would drift back to what she had learned as a child, what had been programmed into her heart as she grew up.

On this particular day, God was about to do something awesome! It started with a movie invitation from her brother – to see a brand new movie that had just come out.

“It’s supposed to be a great movie,” he said to her. “Let’s go see it!”

“What’s it called?” she asked.


She shrugged. She loved science fiction.  “Sure. Sounds good to me.”

After getting comfortable in her seat, she immersed herself in the movie. It was great. Good actors, good action. She especially enjoyed the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane, and was pulled into the scene where he invited her to fly with him.

As she watched them fly hand in hand on the big screen, she thought wistfully, “I would love to fly, or even walk, hand in hand with a guy who loved me and I loved him.”

“But you already have someone. Me.”   His response came quickly and clearly. He could have been sitting right next to her and whispering in her ear!  She was filled anew with His presence and love – and left the movie that day knowing she was not alone and would never be alone. Whether she got married or not, Jesus was with her. And she got to walk hand in hand with God – this awesome and powerful God of all creation – every day and forever! And sometimes, if she was willing, she would even get to fly with Him!

How amazing is a God who whispers during movies!  What has He whispered to you?

walking hand in hand

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