Little Things

As she was walking her students out to the bus parking lot after school one day, she was thinking about how tight her finances were because of the new house she and her husband were in the process of buying.  Every penny they had was wrapped up in the sale. Both she and her husband enjoyed the jobs they had with the local school system, but their paychecks didn’t seem to stretch very far. With two young children, she frequently went without  extras for herself in order to provide for her family.  Extras like new clothes, hair salons, and fast food. She even packed her lunch each day to save the few dollars the school cafeteria food cost.

On this particular day, a long and difficult day, she was tired and thirsty. She had forgotten to bring a drink with her that morning for after school. Should she splurge and buy a soda from the vending machine in the teacher’s workroom? No, she couldn’t justify that to herself. Not when every penny counted so much. She sighed. It was going to be another hour before she could leave, plus a thirty minute drive home. True, she could take a sip of tepid water from the students’ fountain… but she wasn’t THAT thirsty.

“I sure would love a cold Pepsi,” she found herself thinking as her students followed her across the parking lot.

She happened to look down and couldn’t believe it – a quarter! Then a few inches away, another quarter with a dime! Sixty cents – the exact amount it cost for a soda!

IMG_20180307_212932645She gratefully thanked God for the treat. Then got to thinking about her young daughter who would be in her classroom waiting for her. She would be thirsty too.  Did she dare ask? She looked up and silently prayed, “Lord, it would be great if I could get Rachel a drink too.”  And before she returned to her classroom, she had found sixty more cents! On a gravel parking lot where hundreds of students and their teachers were walking! She  was overflowing with joy and thankfulness as she excitedly went to buy her and her daughter cold drinks!

How amazing is our God who cares for us even in the little things!  Has He shown you His care in something small? Something that filled you with joy but you felt foolish telling others because it seemed to be such a small thing? Please share your story in the comments below. I would love to hear it!

One thought on “Little Things

  1. brenda

    Love your writing! He has shown me and my family so many things one of my favorites is the puzzle pc and ring….My sister cared for my disabled uncle for 30 yrs after our mom passed away too young. He loved putting together puzzles and often filled his days doing this. We also lost him and about a month later my sister deep cleaned their home, pulling things out sweeping under and over everything…She was going to her desk in her bedroom where my uncle never went and right there on the same floor that had been cleaned shampooed and spotless for the last week was a puzzle pc. Uncle Don was letting her know he was doing well and missing her…I was visiting her home one year and had lots of people over in and out of the kitchen all day when toward the end of the day I kicked something that tingled…it was a ring, I put it on waiting for someone to let me know it was theirs, when they didn’t I started asking everyone….my sister said it looked just like mom’s ring…..I have it and keep it close to my heart. Guess these are more on the side of Him letting our loved ones remind us they are waiting for us with Him…..


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