In The Beginning, Chapter One

Her short life was at an end, or so she wished. She had no desire to go on. Nothing ever turned out in her favor. Every road she tried ended up in pain. So she went through the motions of life and waited to die.

People who saw her had no clue how she felt on the inside. They only saw a girl that never smiled. “Smile,” they would say. “It can’t be all that bad.” But she had no smiles left.

Her days were spent working at a job she hated, chauffeuring her mom who didn’t drive, and fantasizing about ways to end her life.  Her nights were spent crying and begging a God she didn’t believe existed to do something. “I don’t know if You exist,” she’d say, “but if You do, then do something. I can’t keep on like this.”

But nothing happened.

By day, she wanted nothing to do with God. Come to church, her mom would say. Pray this prayer. But she refused. She had tried that years ago but found it to be pointless. God didn’t exist. And if He did, he didn’t care. Maybe for some people, but not for her. So she ran as far and as hard as she could away from Him. But by night, she cried out to that same God.

Still nothing happened. Or so it seemed to her.

What she didn’t know – what she couldn’t see – were all the details God was weaving together into a glorious net that He would use to catch her as she ran.IMG_20180223_012950159

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