Little Red Throne Chair

Everything was quiet. Everyone’s eyes were closed. It was time to be with God.

She sat very still, eyes closed like everyone else, and waited for what God would tell her. While waiting, she sometimes imagined herself standing in His throne room. She would picture herself kneeling at His feet, standing before Him with her head bowed, or even curled up on His lap. But this night, it was different. As she stood there, before she could decide what she wanted to do, He pointed to a small red throne-type chair and said, “Sit here, My daughter.”


She opened her eyes and thought surely that was just her imagination. A throne chair? For her? Was that even biblical?

“What did you see?” Patti asked her.

“How do you know I saw something?” she responded cautiously, not wanting to share something as questionable as the chair.

“I just know. Something in my spirit. You saw something. What was it?”

So she told Patti along with the others who were listening. Their excitement for her got her to thinking…  what if it’s not just my imagination? What if I really am in His throne room and that I can actually go into it whenever I want? Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Just to be sure, she looked in the Bible and found…

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence…” Hebrews 4:16 

Yes, she thought, it is biblical that we can go in the throne room, even now, while we are still alive.

“… so that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and sit on thrones…” Luke 22:30

Well, He was actually talking to His disciples. But if all His followers are invited to eat at His table, maybe all of His followers will also get to sit on thrones! So maybe her vision of the little red throne chair wasn’t so crazy after all!

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