Being Born


OK, what just happened here?

You got born.


Because being born was healthier for you than not being born.


Because your environment was becoming unstable and would have eventually hurt you. Being born took you out of that environment into a safer one.


Because now there are lots of people around you, loving you and taking care of you.


Because you’re not capable of taking care of yourself right now.


Because you are new to this life.


Because you were just born.


Did you think I was writing the above conversation with Baby AJ in mind? If so, you were right. And wrong. I was also talking about a brand new baby Christian. And we are the staff that is responsible for caring for them; welcoming them into their new life, and making sure they are fed and loved.

Are we doing as good a job with the new Christians God places in our lives as the hospital staff is doing with AJ and the other newborns?

Now that’s a good question.

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