Fear Buster

Remember Ghost Busters? “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

Well, I am. If a ghost appeared to me, I would most definitely be afraid. And that’s not the only thing I’m afraid of.

I’m afraid of being criticized.

I’m afraid of small talk.

I’m afraid of extensive dental work.

I’m afraid of hearing God wrong.

I’m afraid of my house never getting fixed.

I’m afraid of running out of money.

I’m afraid of taking chances.

I’m afraid of making wrong decisions.

I’m afraid of growing really old.

I’m afraid of making phone calls.

I’m afraid of alligators.

I’m afraid of disappointing God.

I’m afraid of confrontation.

I’m afraid of letting go of my fears.

I could go on – the list is endless.

But God’s list for overcoming fear is short. Very short. There’s only two things on His list.

Fear is not of God.

Perfect love casts out fear.


I didn’t used to understand that, because I didn’t understand love. Or God. But I’m learning.

He taught me how to use His list as a Fear Buster whenever a fear appeared.

This is how it works:

(name your fear) I’m afraid of making wrong decisions.

(remind yourself) Fear is not of God.

(personalize applicable scriptures) Romans 8:28  And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good. Psalm 48:14 That this is God, our God forever and ever. He will guide us forever. God promises to guide me and to make all things work in my favor. I do not have to worry about which decision I make. Even if I make the wrong one, God will take care of me. He loves me, and is bigger than any mistake I make. He has promised to make everything, even my mistakes, work out in my favor.

(replace the fear with His love) Perfect love casts out fear.

Good-bye fear! I am no longer afraid because I’m trusting God’s Word, and not what I can see, reason, or imagine.


Now THAT’S the real, and amazing, Ghost Buster FEAR BUSTER!

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Fear of Death

When she was younger, she read the words, “… that it would be His last night on earth before returning to His Father.” John 13:1

She thought, “That would be like saying this is my last night here in this town before returning to my old town. Death is just a journey from one place to another.


Then why do many Christians fear leaving this earth, this life, these kinds of bodies? Why do I fear death? I know that when I die, I will be with Jesus in heaven. But every time so far that I thought it was time to go, I was afraid.  It must be because of little faith. I still don’t believe wholeheartedly that God loves me and He won’t condemn me. I know it in my head, but it hasn’t reached my heart yet. So I fear the moment I see Him face to face.”

Years later, touched by the death of several people in her life, she thought about it again. How would she feel when faced with it? Does she have enough faith now to chase away the fear? Nope, it’s still there. But it has changed. She doesn’t fear facing her God anymore. Over the years she had gotten to know Him better – and she now knew she wouldn’t be condemned. In fact, she knew she’d be accepted with open arms. So why the fear? Fear of the unknown. Fear of the method by which she’ll die.

OK, she thought. There’s still work to be done in my heart. She decided to start with the scripture that says perfect love casts out fear. That’s the key. If she could get to this perfect love, there would be no more fear. She knew she couldn’t do it on her own, so she prayed.

“Father in heaven, here’s my fear. I ask that Your perfect love cast it out of my heart. Help my love grow increasingly more perfect as I spend time with You and learn of Your amazing love. For I know in my head that no matter which road I must travel to my death, You will be there with me every step of the way. Work that knowledge down deep into my heart so I will have no fear, and so that when I eventually turn onto this road, I can glorify You all the way home.”

And she was at peace knowing He would do so.